What Is The Creative Scene?

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of Creative is producing or using original and unusual ideas.

Sure, the University is known for its unusual ideas that change the world. What about our town, is it creative? We held a vox pop to find out. 

We asked people what would make them feel excited to tell others about The Kite in 10 years time, everything – and I mean EVERYTHING they shared was about VIBRANCY! A place that made them feel more creative. Because creativity makes us feel alive. 

A place where life is growing.  A place where music hangs in the air.  A place where dogs, and grandparents, and GenZ’s, and students, and taxi drivers, and tech entrepreneurs mingle as they play ping pong and drink coffee and walk their dogs.  

A place where people are introduced to new ideas.  A place where people try out new ways of being.  A place where people explore new identities.  A place where people talk to neighbours they don’t know.

A place where people feel different is celebrated. 

A place where people feel they have a choice and a voice in changing the status quo.

That is a vibrant creative scene. 

A place where people gather that is designed for thriving. 

This is not how people see The Kite today.  But, a lot of people recognise this as being the way the Kite was. Even though the geography of The Kite is still The Kite, some long term locals will tell you the University and the Council destroyed it.  What I think I was really hearing is resentment that someone took away agency, there’s a sense of powerlessness. 

A creative scene, yes provides a home for artists.  But, in doing so, it says creativity is welcome here. 

Together Culture goes a step further and intentionally gathers the community to reimagine, develop and pilot new starts ups and projects and programmes – new ways of being. 

What does a vibrant creative scene provide for the community? It helps the community reclaim its power. Its power to choose and create the life it wants to lead. It has become much harder for The Kite because there is nowhere to gather to do this. 

That’s about to change.