What Is A Creative Citizen?

What is a citizen? A person who is a member of a particular country and who has rights because of being born there or because of being given rights, says the Cambridge Dictionary. 

So, goes to reckon that if you feel as if the rights some have aren’t available to you then you’ve been disenfranchised, haven’t ya? 

That’s exactly what we heard at our Vox Pop. The Grafton is up for sale and there are already conspiracy theories brewing (rightly or wrongly) about how The University is going to take yet another space away from the community.  In fact, many people don’t even think of The Kite as being Cambridge. That starts on the other side of Christ’s Pieces. 

We’ve lost trust.  That is central to citizenship.  The collective is a better bet than going it solo. Creative Scene helps restore that trust. 

Creative citizenship is working to build on that trust.  To be a creative citizen….

To be a creative citizen, y’all need some skills. You have inherent talents. But, you gotta learn to listen. To organise.  To collaborate.  To ideate. To delimit. It’s cool. We got ya.

To inspire creative citizenship, y’all need artists who see beyond the status quo. They help keep us BOLD in our change making.

To inspire creative citizenship, y’all need a framework and a plan to work towards. 

To inspire creative citizenship, y’all need a place to gather.